Unique Tubs, Custom Built.

"We aim to bring spectacular intensity to the twin glories of hot water and relaxation."


wooden bathtub
ofouro backrest detail
double wooden bathtub
double wooden bathtub
wooden bathtub headboard
japanese ofuro wooden bathtub
custom wooden tub
custom wooden tub
single wooden bathtub
wooden bathtub detail
walnut double bathtub
Sukiya tub interior
shower wall soap niche
tub rail detail

Welcome to Bath in Wood, where we create luxury bathtubs from fine hardwoods, drawing on European and Asian traditions of craftsmanship.


Our designs are inspired by the complexity and tactile luxury of European antiques as well as the extraordinarily refined simplicity of Japanese Sukiya architecture. We build our wooden bathtubs by hand, to order, in our Swans Island, Maine, workshop.


Because each tub is individually crafted, we can adapt our wooden bathtubs to meet the preferences of our customers and the architectural demands of their homes.


Please contact us to discuss the specific design requirements for your project.


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wooden bathtub with waterDeepSeal™ Finish is not just beautiful but very tough.

Fine Hardwoods really are the perfect material for building bathtubs along with matching backsplashes, wall panels, shower surrounds and bathroom sinks. Hardwoods are naturally warm, silky smooth, deeply satisfying and endlessly varied. Our DeepSeal™ Finish means no oils, no special care, just normal non-abrasive cleaning, even in the challenging environment of the hospitality industry.


We build only from solid hardwoods that are DeepSealed™ to be easy to own and maintain; we build to last. Because wood is so versatile we can custom build every order to accommodate your particular space and style. Dimension, shape, color, lightness or darkness of grain, and even sustainability are all yours to choose – one of our tubs was chosen for inclusion in a LEED Platinum certified mansion in Florida.